micThe Guest Book

The crew at Motor City Static is very lucky to have had hundreds of guests stop by through the years. Here are some of the very talented and friendly people who have chosen to stop by and waste some quality time:

Well, lookee here! It’s Ron Wittebols holding a chicken from Sunday, March 4 as part of Camp Expo 2018.
(Back row) Chuck Riffenburg, Ron Wittebols, Nitin Kumar, Eric Hopton. (Middle row) Jeff Hazard, Erin Kronell, Marc Tellier. (Front row) Zachary Fish adn Andrew Cucchiara. February 25, 2018.

Chuck Riffenburg, Brendan Dane, Ron Wittebols, George Kunkle and Phil Balbona from Black Tie Event stopped by on February 18, 2018 for a bit of fun and frivolity.
George Kunkle from Black Tie Event was explaining his devotion to onesies as Jeff Hazard looks on.

David Dyke stops by on April 30, 2017 to visit with the gang. Here he is with Chuck Riffenburg and Hazard.
Reunited a few decades after Hank the Deuce High, David Dyke poses with Uncle Ron behind the microphones.

Local band The Kenny Hill Group stops by on January 15th, 2017, to pay a visit! Standing (left to right) Ron, Chuck, Paul Cobb (drums), Kenny Hill (guitar) and J.J. Johnston (bass). They’re heading back soon to the recording studio for more great songs.

A Year In New York with (left to right) Michael Miller II, Zach Snead and Brittany Christofel dropping by to say hello in 2016.
Karl Crafton (left) and Derek Jendza from Artificial Agent are always creating chaos in studio.

The Native Howl with (left to right) Josh LeMieux, Mark Chandler along with manager Don Kanners talking bluegrass and metal.
Aarin Covyeau (left) and Zachary Mcallister from Eyes on Damascus tell their story.

Chuck and Ron with Wayne State Warrior Racing (left to right) Noah Wilusz, Andrew Cucchiara, Mohammed Kakli, Erin Kronell and Kristina Vujic.
The always-entertaining Amy Prahl stops by to talk about the organization Global Brigade and her trip to Latin America where she helps train medical workers.

This is what Ron Wittebols does while everyone else is talking.
Sanjin Alisa flanked by Jeff Hazard and Ron Wittebols brought his great musical talents to Motor City Static.

Josh Ford, producer/engineer/owner at Sound Shop Studio stops by to update listeners on the music scene.
Master guitar player Jim Morris, Jr. loves to visit! Here he is, between Hazard and Chuck on the left and Ron Wittebols on the right.

An evening out at DTE Energy Music Theater with (left to right) Chuck, Ron, David Jablinsky and Jeff Hazard.
Major recording artist and Bloomfield Hills High School student Sofi K belts one out of the ballpark at Biffstock 2016.

The big night! Setting up for Biffstock 2016 in the Bloomfield Hills High School Auditorium. The live on-air show raised money for WBFH/Boomfield Hills, the flagship station for Motor City Static.
Eyes On Damascus in the middle of a very well-received set at Biffstock 2016.
Ron Wittebols is onstage giving last-minute direction before the live Biffstock 2016 broadcast.
David Jablinsky, one of two early cast members, always makes a point to stop by for a visit every now and then.

It’s the Christmas 2015 Broadcast! Chuck Riffenburg, Alan Maestri and former WAYN/Wayne State alums Mike Trudel and Mark Sweetman chat about comedy.
Alan Maestri, Tracey Culp, Victor Glenn and Andrew Clara wait to take their cue after a station break during the Christmas 2015 Broadcast.

Those Hounds are in the studio as semi-regular guest, Andrew Clara looks on from the background.
Ron Wittebols on one of his frequent rants about the state of the broadcasting industry in Metro Detroit.

Pete Bowers, Randy Carr, Mike Trudel and Heidi Carr enjoy a segment of the Christmas 2015 Broadcast.