micA Very Humble Beginning...

Suppose there’s nothing you like on the radio. Nothing. What can you do? Some people have purchased subscriptions to satellite radio; others have retreated to their iPods; still others have abandoned their radios altogether.

Ronald Wittebols, a veteran broadcaster and major fan of the medium (especially AM radio) was in such a quandary. He was so frustrated with the lack of local, compelling radio in the Metro Detroit market that he decided to take matters into his own hands several years ago: he invited two of his former “Advertising Palace” buddies to join him for a weekly discussion of movies, music and popular culture. Thus, Biff! Bam! Pow! came to be.

Unlike other programming, designed or micro-managed to compete for ratings, “BBP” was created for the sheer joy of broadcasting. It was the embodiment of what radio used to be like when personality was king: free-wheeling, compelling, entertaining and fun. One never knew what may unfold from segment to segment, although Wittebols tried to steer the conversation into something worthwhile.

The original title of “Biff! Bam! Pow!” was supplied by thechrisbrown (his preferred spelling) and David Jablinsky—the advertising buddies—paying homage to WBFH, “The Biff,” in its title as well as playing off the comic book stereotype of a good ol’ fashioned fight scene panel, reminiscent of popular super hero comic books. (Oddly, “Biff! Bam! Pow!” describes the sound effect of thechrisbrown round-kicking Wittebols the rare times that they did stray into a political discussion.)

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Due to schedule conflicts and other priorities, thechrisbrown and Jablinsky elected to leave the show in May, 2012. Wittebols decided to continue, but with different cohosts. He is grateful for his friends’ support and has nothing but deep appreciation of what they brought to the table.

The program continues to earn raves and has developed a following, thanks to not only its broadcast over 88.1 Mhz throughout much of Oakland County, Michigan, but also world-wide via the internet. Many find the show refreshing for its lack of pretentiousness; others like the musical selection. In the era of Big Radio where only a handful of corporations control thousands of stations, it’s a welcome breath of freshness on the FM broadcast band.

Wittebols has enjoyed a rewarding and creative career behind the scenes as well as in front of the microphone for over 25 years. He’s part of the outstanding team that put award-winning WBFH/Bloomfield Hills on the map and has recorded stops at WXYT/AM 1270, WYUR/AM 1310 (working with the legendary Jimmy Launce) and WDIV/Local 4, all in Detroit. Along the way, he’s helped to establish a nationally-known Beatles tribute band (The Beat Club) as well as founding a media and marketing arm for the Eastern Michigan University Men’s Ice Hockey team.